Original Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Lesson in C – EP081

To download the tablature and watch the video lesson content visit http://www.activemelody.com/lessons/free_lesson_content/original-fingerstyle-blues-guitar-lesson-in-c-ep081

In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you to play this original bluesy composition – played fingerstyle (which simply means without a guitar pick). This style is similar to something you might hear Blind Lemon Jefferson or Mississippi John Hurt play. I’ll break this lesson down and show you how to play everything note for note over the course of approximately 30 minutes.


Active Melody says:

This week’s guitar lesson is for premium members only. An original blues
fingerstyle lesson in the key of C. #bluesguitarlesson

Angel Martinez says:

Hey, great tune. I hear a little “Alice’s Restaurant” in the video. Very
charming piece! Have a great Holiday!

NiekkieNick says:

Nice tune! I would like to be a premium member but if I register for a
membership automatically have to pay every month. Is it possible to be a
member for a period I choose? 

Shirley Bayliss says:

very very helpful tips and tuition thankyou so much for your time.Playing
is great too 

magicrising says:

Ahh, love it. Cant wait to get stuck in to it

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