Ozzy Man Reviews: Slippery Stairs

Me critical analysis of the slippery stairs game show. The source video is very much worth a watch: https://youtu.be/aKPz583WRpQ

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Fair Dealing – parody, satire, review, commentary.

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Marco Bestetti says:

Just came to the conclusion that this is the best video ever!

Otaku Kazuya says:

OMG, this is fucking hilarious

Sir Sentient says:

I've rewatched this at least 7 fuckin' times now.

The Final says:

1:29 wipeout denied lol

nicholas jakubowicz says:

mint Ozzyman! X'D

Holly Jane says:

This actually just made my fucking life complete

Zane Springer says:

1:30 look how well green goes between yellows legs

Brandon P says:

I'd love to give this game a shot

K_Man says:

Lol the pink one is traumatized.

Abzkababs says:

I saw ur the Samsung add on TV welldone

georgie unsworth says:

Fuck me dead 😂😂😂

Aa md says:

Never had I laughed so much


Lang says:

Best thing ever hahahahhaha

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