Panama City Beach Manta Ray 7-4-2011

Filmed from Treasure Island Condominium on the morning of July 4th.


MrSouthernginga says:

poor guy. he just wanted to hang out´╗┐

equinegal19 says:

That awesome! But don't be scared of them lol they are like dolphins playful, curious and attracted to colorful objects. He was just checking you out. They come from the same habitats that dolphins come from, completely harmless, they dot have stingers, the eat smaller fish like plankton. You had an incredible experience my friend! Same with a few myself, very calming.

jcooper6488 says:

Sure thing Tammy, That was something to see !! Glad I caught it on video

katzblueyez says:

I've known this young lady since she was a little girl. Her whole family are great friends of mine. This is a great video so glad it got posted. I had only seen the photos up until now. This needs to go to the news. Cuz you don't see this on Panama City Beach. I've lived here nearly all my life, so i know it's something very rare to see…… Just Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Nelson says:

OMG Thank you for posting this video. This is my daughter on the pink float. We've been hoping someone caught it on video and would post it. Thank you so much!
Tammy Nelson

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