Parking a car on iPhone, with iOS 11 AR Kit

Just an early experiment with iOS 11 Ar Kit. Car Model and sounds from M.U.D. Mobile Rally,
free on Google Play
and iOS:


Up Stream says:

Please PLEASE put this on the App Store, even just how it is now it would be brilliant
If it can't be on the App Store with the car taken from another app just make a car, I doesn't have to be good, unlike other non AR games the model doesn't matter.

VRCircle says:

Good video. Made into the Cool list of ARKit videos!

arya burhan says:

o my fucking good its so cool

CGNorris Mike says:

Awesome! It would be cool to park my real car like this, do it remotely, for example, just from the balcony)) This is the future

Alban Osmani says:

how can i get this what you have made

Sha Gojō says:

Nice 3D scaling

recombinant says:

That is very cool… it's doing hit detection too when it bangs into other objects?

Hariharan M says:

Wow! Check out mine too!

Aryan Kashyap says:

Is this open source? Would love for it to be!!!

MisterBassBoost says:

I like! Keep it up!

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