Personal Development: How To Be Happy In Life

Personal Development. It’s my birthday! And I when I find tips that motivate, inspire and make me happy, I want to share them with you. So check out this quick video.

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xo, Mridu


Sujit Padhye says:

you need to know that it's never too late to find love for your spouse again! ive been through difficult times recently but im so happy with my husband now. have a look at this site… bitly.com16tT6aA

Mridu Parikh says:

Thank you, I had a great day! Thanks for sharing this great wisdom from your grandma. It's so easy to take all the abundance in our life, for granted. I'm trying to instill this idea to my kids too…but I have to keep reminding myself to do that! After reading your message, I just took a few minutes to remind myself of all that I have. Thanks for inspiring me. xoxo, mridu

Rosies Cottage says:

My Grandmother always told me that every day when I wake up, before dashing off to start my day, I should take a moment to be thankful. If I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food in the kitchen, those things we all take for granted, then I should thank my angels for keeping me safe because so many people don't even have these basic needs. Just taking that moment to appreciate what you have is such a great start to the day. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Mridu, sending hugs xx

Purna Bhattacharya says:

You live in Nashville?? Girl, we've gotta talk!! I was just there in October for music endeavors and do plan to go back, hopefully in the coming year! PM me, let's talk. 🙂

Mridu Parikh says:

I wish I had that problem!! Not happening though! 🙂

Would love to get together some day. Unfortunately I haven't been in Canada in about 20 years, but you never know. Likewise, if you ever make it to Nashville, you know who to call! 🙂

Purna Bhattacharya says:

Lol age is just a number sista! People often think I'm around 17 – 20…it makes me laugh so much! Let me know if you ever happen to be around Montreal, Canada – I think we'd have a blast making some videos together. 🙂

Tiffani Scott says:

Like your videos

Mridu Parikh says:

thank you! I had a great one. 🙂

Genia Marie says:

Happy Birthday Mridu!

Sand Mal says:

Happy Birthday!! I'm currently reading a book called "The magic of thinking big". Any recommendations of motivational books?

Angelove42909 says:

Happy Birthday!!!

Mridu Parikh says:

probably closer to 41…but who's counting?! 😉 Thank you!

Purna Bhattacharya says:

Happy happy "35th" birthday (I think? Lol).

Mridu Parikh says:

Right back at you girl! 😉

Unapologetically Me says:

Happy Birthday ! Mine is on the 28th….smooches

Mridu Parikh says:


bunnye1223 says:

Happy Birthday!

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