Project CARS 2 — GIVE IT SOME JANDAL — [V8 Supercars @ Bathurst]

In honor of this weekend’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 for the Australian V8 Supercars Series. I take the Ford Falcon Supercar to Mount Panorama for a 13 lap race with one mandatory pit stop. I can assure you, tires WERE harmed in the making of this video!


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Rhys Jarvis says:

The Race is on today.

Tuna says:

Is your tyre wear set at super high or something? I do more laps on medium by far.

Jamiedh303 says:

33:02 hahah

Chris Harris says:

hahaha MATE 1.12 yea i dont think so…

Alan Dallas says:

Did you have Tire wear set to 4x or something? I've never seen them wear that fast using that car on the Mtn. with tire wear set to Real.

Paul Ludda says:

I know that this is new and cool, but when's the next Indianapolis Evolution race? You left us with such a cliff-hanger, it would be a shame if we didn't get any payoff!


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Whatupyo says:

Pity they don't have the holdens for more realism
Good vid well done
AI still a it dodgy

Matt Cecil says:

A 1:10 around the mountain, I think its Jamie Whincup, was it set the fastest lap last year which was a low 2:05

Matt Cecil says:

The sound is still horrible on project cars, that's not how they sound, negative note

Henry Chapman says:

Mate if your doing 1:10 in qualifying your almost a minute under the lap record

daniel gosling says:

Are you going to do a Bandwangoners guide for the Bathurst 1000?

1LibranRabbit says:

You need to ride the kerbs at Bathurst, if the car is unstable, you need so soften it up so it will ride them.

1LibranRabbit says:

"Draft" is what comes in under the Front Door…we call it a "Tow" like when you get your car towed.

1LibranRabbit says:

Your not allowed to cross the line on the left coming into the pits, a car last season or last races there, can't remember which(getting old, mind going….) I think it was received a penalty for it.

1LibranRabbit says:

You really need to ride the kerbs by at least 1/2.

1LibranRabbit says:

Find Mark Skaife's video of a interview when he describes going around Bathurst. He gives a corner by corner description around the whole track with braking points, gear changes and other points of interest. I think it was on RPM Channel 10 last Sunday.

Insanity City says:

Yah sometimes the ai after the race ends, the ai just bin it into turn 1

Agron Bashota says:

I LOVED watching this one. Very fun.

Boaty Mc Boatface says:

Dick Johnson's big off in 83 at Forest Elbow.. amazingly back in for race next day , thanks to Bathurst Tafe.

Boaty Mc Boatface says:

Nascar use the Holden Commodore re badged as Chevy SS

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