Rapper Common Was Just Caught Up Creeping On His Beautiful GF Angela Rye And We’ve Got Pics Of Him

Considering Common only just this month confirmed his relationship with Angela Rye, do you think the media has been salivating at the opportunity to catch him doing something questionable? All he had to do, apparently, was go to the mall and open the door for a woman with shopping bags…

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TheLadyOfSoul502 says:

Yall @ Real Cool News are getting to be as bad as the tabloids.

Miss PYT says:

Y'all STAY reaching. This does not mean he is cheating. Geeez, leave let that man date and be great.

Cinnamon83 Peaches says:

That girl is his daughter stop with this insane lies this man can't even be seen near another women before they start saying he's cheating he's dating not married people.

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