So, Rizzo and G2 made RLCS League Play without dropping a game. Best of luck to him, Kronovi, Jknaps and Turtle in their endeavours.
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Timestamps of different cars:
1) 0:17 (Two Colorways) – White Octane + Kilowatt + White Zomba + Gold Rush (Alpha Boost) + Classic
2) 0:51 (Two Colorways) – White Octane + Heatwave + White Zomba + Gold Rush (Alpha Boost) + Classic or Friction
3) 1:25 (Two Colorways) – White Octane + Stripes + White Zomba + Gold Rush (Alpha Boost) + Lightspeed / Friction
4) 1:49 – Kilowatt + Orange Spiralis + Gold Rush (Alpha Boost)
5) 2:06 – Slipstream + Purple Spiralis + Standard Purple


The Pro Player Designs Series:

I started this series due to witnessing a ton of people asking for car colors on pro player’s streams pretty often. I always draw inspiration and rethink the designs from streams when it comes to my own cars, so I figured other people might be doing the same thing. Hence, this series was born.

It is at times hard and time consuming to get the design spot on. I try my best. Though, if I don’t have a clear image of the actual garage, I might just try and get it as close as possible. Therefore, tiny mistakes can get in there.

I hope you enjoy the series!


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Rocket League Car Designs says:

So, I couldn't really decide whether to include all of the older cars plus some of the cars from his short period of playing Mantis. I began organizing all of them but had a few technical difficulties and video corruption episodes along the way. I ended up making it short and sweet. Hope you like it. Let me know which pro player I should cover next!

basooka007 says:

Slipstream zomba match pls?

Hamish Simmons says:

anyone have kilowatt on PS4 let me know please!

Com. Smarx says:

01:02 rizzo have new red color , no Dark :/

erasmo giove says:

Have you got every item or are you using alpha console?

The AT Network says:

Can you do JKnaps please

Tom V. Eekhout says:

can you do one from turbopulsa's car his new design looks dope dont know what hes using tho

Oscar says:

Squishy car designs next?

Agustin Badt says:

Great videos

Aur0ra says:

Can u do squishy muffinz car the one he uses in his latest vid it's Titanuium whit Lone wolf and some colours

Anonymous says:

Hope to see Deevo or Garrettg/Squishy soon!
Will be tough though because Deevo never streams 🙁

rashad2211 says:

Lol you should woofless

Benjamin Laursen says:

Kronovi's car designs?

MaximGA says:

I nice vid. Can you help me decide heat (want it bcs i love the car from 1:24) or Slipstream? Ty, i love both , i can have only one

Qorcs says:

Found your channel in a comment section and I'm glad I did nice videos hopefully you get as big as you deserve

Something Yeet says:

Found this channel yesterday love it!

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