Shelby Cobra 427 GT Sport Gameplay & Replay

Shelby Cobra 427 GT Sport Gameplay & Replay
PlayStation 4


drfistus94 says:

Can anyone say to me if the sound is accurate? I dont know how a shelby sounds like

skygrasper_550 says:

Looks like I need to grind for credits fast. Can't want to drive this beautiful monster.

daveyboy says:

Fantastic car and sounds amazing but…… am saving me money for the December car update with skyline R32.

Fet Thunderdome says:

i tried new adjustments for sound options. I bumped to +5 my engine noise, to -4 tire sounds and +4 other engines, took a gr.3 corvette and did a race, and man sounds are improved.

WhatIsThisPS Gaming says:

That sweet sound, gt did good with this one

Topsukka says:

I can't believe this is a Gran Turismo game I'm hearing.

Adrian Pragiwaksana says:

Oooh yesss! Music to my ear. Can't wait to taste the Cobra.

Jim bob says:

Looks and sounds great!

SneekyTrolls says:

Awesome. I hope they add a bunch more classics like camaros and more shelby's

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