Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars for cello, piano and orchestra (COVER)

Hope you like my version of “Chasing Cars”!
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Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars for cello, piano and orchestra (COVER)
Arranged, played and filmed by GnuS Cello

Canon GX7
Logic pro 9
Final Cut 10
Mic SE


GnuS Cello says:

Hi everyone,
I had a lot of requests for this cover.
I hope you enjoy it!

with a lot of love,


Joanna Shami says:

this is just incredible. it's actually amazing , you are extremely talented

ybunnygurl says:

Absolutely AMAZING!!!@

Sophie howie says:

You play so well and do great covers of these songs xx I'd love it if you did mirrors by justin timberlake, it'd be beautiful xxx

Franziska Voelcker says:

I love it!❤

Shreejita Majumder says:

Hit like even before playing because I have full faith in this song. It's always magical, and the cello made it even more so :')

Alicia Campbell says:

i adore this thank you
i hope you don't mind me requesting a song/or two…. but i was wondering if you could do true or friend please by Twenty One Pilots

Lukas Pil C says:

Gnus cello fantastic song all song fantastic thx

Casual Vader says:

Hey that's pretty good

Daphne Ramon says:

Please do Sarah Smiles or the End of All Things by Panic! at the disco

lisa Dawn says:


una snow says:

This cover is the best!!! It is so calming. I just love it!!! 😊

Nez M says:

One of my all time favorite songs, thank you.

my Nightore says:

Could you play firework from katy perry please? I would love to hear the cello version of it

MonsterOfTheForest says:

Lighters up in the air and SING WITH ME!
If I lay here, If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

CocaFilmsStar says:

Oh my Gods, I love this song soo very much <3
*I cry and I don't stop :")

Rawang Adrian says:

Its so warm n calm when hear this with my ear phone..can u do more cover snow patrol?

Peyton Quon says:

Could you please do Gravity by Sara Bareilles? I love that song and it means a lot to me. I'm performing it as a solo and this as the background would be amazing.

zuba duba says:

his music always calms me down 💕💕

Sophia Aka your average Emo says:

Are you trying to make me cry?!

1 Chance Music Group says:

great choice! i knew u would bless this and u did. sounds incredible

Chloe Burt says:

Anyone crying because of Greys anatomy? I am 😭

trashpersonXD says:

This was gorgeous

Im a dog *biork,* borf * sniff* woof* says:

Yussssss I begged for this for everrrree

Kayla Roebuck says:

Beautiful, you should do nearer my god to the

Vøid Gǟmes says:


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