Stay at home Dad and babies gets first Advertisement

Beleaf In Fatherhood got its first advertisement Opportunity in its first year of production. This is great and we owe it to all the supporters that watch our videos regularly.

the ad –

Musical Guest:

[Twitter] @thehumblebeast

**** My GEAR****

* Gimbal
* Main camera
* Car Cam
* Software
New Glasses by


Mailing Address:
Beleaf In Fatherhood
P.O. Box 6556
Oceanside,Ca 92052

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kelley briana says:

Yes indeed! Ya'll are so beautiful, inspiring and NECESSARY.

L.E. DuBois says:

wish I could "love" this video

Lvce.locks says:

Let me just say ; Your channel inspired me through just 3 videos lol. You're on the way to the top, I'm glad someone like you and your family will be the voices being heard and the lives being seen. You're going to make a difference! Cant wait to get back into taking my passion for film making serious again. Great work!

austin darling says:

What's the song to this video? Its dope!

Apple Afro says:

They are sooooo cute!!!!!!!

blurryfaceson - says:

Your family is so inspiring. I can't wait to find the love of my life, get married, and have babies. But I'm only 18 so I got quite a ways to go haha.

Alexia Nicole says:

Soooooooo beautiful! My goodness

Teresa Ewing says:

We love you Glenn! You and LaGuardia keep showing up and showing out!!

Hadarah BatYah says:

Congrats!!! Super awesome 😌👍🏾👍🏾

Mele143 says:


naturallyme14 says:

Love it and thumbs up for Intimate Friends in the background.

northernsoutherngirl says:


LiveLovePureNatural says:

my womb is screaming

ThePeAcHyK says:

u always get deep… too cute

Matt & Kim Vlogs says:

Someone tagged me in your first advertisement video on Facebook so I had to come check out your channel. Love your family and all the positive vibes. You definitely have a new subscriber in us.
Congratulations on your first advertisement and I'm excited to watch your journey as you guys grow and progress!

AJ Writer says:

Omg can I just keep them? They're so darn cayute! I'm loving big brother's hair.

AJ Writer says:

The money/jobs/chores video brought me here. Such a beautiful family. Subscribed!

Tony Rhodes says:

You have the spark!!!!

Jess Rose says:

congrats!!! so happy for you!! sending well wishes x

Flex Quad says:

spread the love 🙌

Peace Iyiewaure says:

ayee dope as always fam, thanks for using my music too!!

eyessoinviting _ says:

congratulations 🙏🙏

tehillah kangamba says:

amazing man,just keep it on the real and people always gone be out here to support you.God be with you Beleaf.

Minnelle Will says:

That's a beautiful non-cracked phone screen!! Well done 🙂

Kris says:

awesomeness… great hustle to purpose Glen.. amen and amen!

Robert Teegarden says:

So rad. Happy for you! That's huge!

D. says:

is the mic advertised, the one you used for this video? it sounds awesome!


[Joe] Brand deal with shure? awesome.. I love their equipment. I just went to their page for their motiv mics and I see you and the fam is all over them. Making moves Glen. This is a significant step.

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