Summer Favs ⛱ (Thrifted Clothes, Music, Movies)

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i hope you enjoyed the video, summer vacation has been great so far. it’s a bit hot in texas right now, haha. it’s a pale summer for me! i’m leaving for california in 8 days. can’t believe i’m moving, it blows my mind every day.

thanks to you, i’m able to actually pursue my dreams. I can’t thank you enough! T H A N K U ! !

see you all in a few days~


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esmé says:

Please listen to Tom Rosenthal's music it is amazing. My favourite song be him is to you alone but his music is so experimental and emotional and it is so different from everything. A few other songs by him which I would also recommend is thousand years, soon soon, all of them dreams and middle of my mind. Honestly the list could go on forever but PLEASE check them out they will change your life.

Pickles Jebidia says:

everything he mentioned is the stuff i love

Prince Eric says:

i literally just discovered your channel and learned someone was catfishing me with your pictures. I hate my life.

Ainä De Caprio says:

hey Conan #myfavourites please hear to San Cisco – Awkward song its pretty good tho ! btw I friggin LOVESS YOU SO MUCHHH !!

Ghostie Magee says:

Hey cone, try the artist Daley, he has such a beautiful voice and a real R&B vibe about all of his music. You might like him. Anyways good luck!! And congratulations, love you Conan ♥️♥️

maya says:


maya says:

conan lets share clothes please. 😩

samantha backen says:

You have to check out Syd Matters! They are absolutely fantastic and totally your vibe I think. Their music is very calming and acoustic with great harmonies! (We all know how much you like harmonies <3) My favorite song is Obstacles and To All of You.

Tory White says:

what type/brand of journal is your black one?

sophia says:

sigrid's music (esp don't kill my vibe) is one of my ultimate faves and i feel like you would love her!!

philodaweirdo says:

he's literally the cutest thing ever lol

Talysa Chehin says:

check out street artist Banksy!!

Kay Verdinez says:

"Just let me.. just let me do my thing okay." I can relate to this so much! I always feel like I'm being judged, so I say this all the time!😂👌🏼

Henry Andrade says:

i've noticed the type of music you like and you should really listen to khalid's music nut she khalid but khalid lol

Henry Andrade says:

omg i love SZA!

BurningSilk says:

Summer favs: Idle town and other side. 🙂

matty healy says:


Kerryn Jones says:

Conan watch the man from U.n.c.l.e its amazing.

Aly G says:


Aly G says:


naalamps says:

Wowowowowo, Baby Driver 3 times? Lmao that's like me with Dunkirk (I watched it 4 times… in theaters). Defs would recommend if you haven't seen it .

Alida Harbakk says:

You should definitely listen to HOMESHAKE!!! Absolutely adore their music.

The a says:

If you liked Baby Driver, I would definitely suggest other movies by that same director Edgar Wright. I loved Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, they are both spoofs but very very good.

Crystal Quartz says:

Loved the intro 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

ello vera says:

omg you should ask your friend, Summer, what's her favourites, and make it into a video "Summer Favourites "😂

hey i pretend to sing says:

"i dont see what the problem is, just drain the ocean!"
-Johnny Karate

"i dont give a crap, batman, you work for me."
-Burt Tyrannasaurus Machlin

"i have to say, machlin, youre the best agent ive ever had, and i worked with james bond."
-Donna Meagle

"i dont know. i took it out to play hide and seek, i couldnt find it, and… oh, thats what happened."
-Andy Dwyer

"my contract was very specific, i dont have to answer that question."
-Ron (The Meat Tornado) Swanson

"first, parks and recreation, then parks and rec, then p and r, finally, lengthen it a little bit, to tommys place!"
-Tom Haverford

parks and rec fanatics

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