Super Fast Chicken Fried Rice – RECIPE


Super Fast Chicken Fried Rice is a quick and easy weeknight main meal, perfect for using up left overs! Chicken is stir fried, then added to vegetables, egg and cooked rice. Seasoned with soy sauce and wok fried until hot, this delicious dish is very adaptable and guaranteed to please the whole family – give it a go!



500g of Chicken Breast Fillets
3 Cups of Cooked Boiled Rice
1 Small Brown Onion
1 Cup of Frozen Mixed Vegetables
2 Eggs
4 Teaspoons of Sesame Oil
1/4 Cup of Soy Sauce (use more or less to taste)

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OnePotChefShow says:

NEW VIDEO: Super Fast Chicken Fried Rice! Watch the full recipe video on

CyniuxD says:

You didn’t add any salt? : O

Cyborcat says:

I laughed more than I should have at “just whack it into the wok”.

Neil Jose says:

Is it just me or I want this guy to have a tv show :)

EZGlutenFree says:

Very nice. Nothing beats fried rice for a quick meal.

Leighton Baller says:

I love that chuckle so much lol I always like the recipes but I mainly
subscribe for the chuckle lol

Donuts says:

can you use this as body building purposes lol?

Lyndsay Wells, The Kitchen Witch says:

You are so funny (and steaming hot and good 🙂 I just happen to have
leftover chicken sitting in my fridge right now. You’ve solved tonight’s
dinner dilemma! Good luck finding your chop sticks – ha ha ha!!

jason4275 says:

Thanks, I made it, but with large cuts of veggies, large onions, whole
corn, bell peppers, baby carrots, mushrooms, so I could take them all out
after I cook the whole thing, I like the flavor vegetables gives in the
rice, but I hate to eat the veggies with rice.

UnknownXV says:

I really love your recipes. They are so easy and to the point but
delicious. Love you man!

Sarah Le Moignan says:

Seriously, nothing wrong with using a wooden spoon. I’d use one too.
Anyway, David, that dish looks superb. I am going to try it because my
daughter loooooves chicken and rice. 🙂 Cheers. Have a great day. Xx

marie Savino says:

Delicious chicken fried rice David. I love the idea of using leftovers.
Fried rice always turns out better for me with leftover cold rice. Thank
you :)

Destry McLean says:

Great recipe David. As to the frozen veg, there’s nothing wrong with them,
in fact, often frozen veggies are fresher than “fresh” veggies because
“fresh” veggies often sit for days in a grocery store’s produce section,
after having travelled for days from the farm, by truck. Whereas frozen
veggies are flash frozen very quickly after harvesting, helping to retain
their freshness. Frozen veggies are certainly fresher than canned, and
usually fresher than what the store calls “fresh”. About the only way to
get them any fresher is possibly a farmer’s market, or to grow them
yourself, in which case, more power to you. For salads, obviously you want
fresh, but for any veggies that you’re going to cook with, as in stir fry,
or whatever else, do yourself a favour and buy frozen. They’re usually less
expensive, and in actuality, usually fresher. The price of “fresh” produce
is often partly determined by how easily fooled the consumer is, creating
the demand for “fresh”.

MasterMind says:

This video has changed my life for the better. Thank you Sir

cosmetica529 says:

This looks so delicious and really easy to make! I just love your recipes
and your personality too :)

RawrFoxington says:

Yay it wasn’t a dessert type food this time :D


For me the best part of your videos is the tasting :D

bwarrior83 says:

OMG I gotta try this! I’ve always got leftover rice! thank you so much! :D

BlackCat2 says:

That is awesome! You just made one of my most favorite dishes those rare
times I go out to eat. I have never made it at home though but I am going
to try it out now. 😀

– Heidi

One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

I love fried rice! So easy and good 😀 Perfect for a busy day and you just
want an easy dinner!

darian roscoe says:

Yum! Will add some sliced green onions from the garden. Thanks for the
idea and for bringing such wonderful dinners to my home! 🙂 Wanted to add
I cook mostly with wooden spoons. Doesn’t hurt them a bit. Also, they do
great in the dishwasher flat on the top rack before you put your glasses
and such in there, and I ALWAYS run it with the Sani Cycle so the water’s
good and hot. Everybody says not to do it, but I’ve been doing it for over
30 years!

Bo Thijssen says:

Could you do a super quick low calorie dish?

Sam Greenlee says:

Looks delicious and so simple! Making this soon! Thanks for the awesome!e

Sue Wade says:

I am going to try this it looks lush x

Kaybee Villanueva says:

Love your easy & yummy recipe’s. Inspiration 

Casy1306 says:

One of these days I will have enough money again to afford chicken and a
new frying pan and this will be the first dish I try! I looks so
unbelievably good!

jessmayify says:

I make this whenever I have left over from rotisserie chicken 🙂 it’s super

motherofthedrummer says:

Hummm…I never thought about using an egg..thanks for the tip David.

Michele Hunt says:

So easy and it looks so yummy!!! A must try!

Montana Spring says:

youre making me hungry. i got top ramen cooking now. any top ramen recipes?

amanda owen says:

This is really good i saw this before i started cooking and i had all the
ingredients and thought why not. No regrets :)

killerkittenx says:

Oooh this looks so good! I can’t wait to try this, I love chicken fried
rice & now I get to easily make my own 😀 Thanks for this recipe! I love
your videos

Lucia Lue says:

You are such a adorable, funny and kind person. Always look forward to your

T .Nichiren says:

This looks amazingly good 🙂
Thanks man!

Carol Hardy says:

Thanks for all quick and easy ideas! Love your videos you are delightfull! +OnePotChef

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