Sweet Love ♥ ~ VALENTINE’S DAY ~ Digital Illustration

Hey my Squidlings, today I thought I’d do something a bit different, and share the making of my Valentine’s Day present for my Hub!

$5 COMMISSIONS IN CHIBI STYLE: Email kaatydid@gmail.com

Materials used:
Paint Tool SAI
Cintiq Companion 2

Time taken:
45 minutes

My links:
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaatydidDoodles
My Instagram: https://instagram.com/kaatydid_art
My Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/kaatydid-art
My Art Store: http://kaatydid.storenvy.com/

Sweet Love ♥ ~ VALENTINE’S DAY ~ Digital Illustration


PeachTora says:

aw that is so cute!

Future Mangaka says:

Nice, I just sended you an email about a commission><.

AugustAtkinsonIllustration says:

I love your SWEET LOVE- Digital illustation

Pink_Link says:

I love this new style!

Kathryn Marie Art says:

I love the colours used in this one! Happy Valentine's Day ^.^ (well, tomorrow)

Jenny Gholson says:

I love your art sweetheart!😁😗

Izzy'n Stuff says:

Yayyy!! I love your digital speed paints!! Happy Valentine's Day b4 i start getting into this comment XD This drawing is soooooooo cute!!!!! I wuv it so sm! I really wish my parents allowed me to enter giveaways or buy art from people online DX It's good that the line art took a long time. Personally i think its the most important part. The sepia really complements your piece really well, I really like how it looks. Seeing you fill in the base color is so satisfying for me XD It just looks so cool. The simplistic shading looks amazing with this style, as you say. It really complements the whole image. I personally think the advanced plaid on her skirt kinda is too much for the piece. Well anyways, great video!!

Sea Quill says:

Much cuteness!

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