Lets face it – concealer is evil! Its hard to get right – and its even harder to stop it going into lines, wrinkles and creasing! Its hard to get this stuff right! So in this video i want to show you two different ways to apply concealer and the results that you get from it!

Here i do one side natural. The other with a HUGE AMOUNT OF CONCEALER AND POWDER! So what do you think – where you shocked as i was – did you think the really powdered side looked better? Have you tired it? What do you think?

Thank you to Fyza for her help in this powdering technique!


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Kc Marie says:

Personally I think no having semi dark under eyes is better than cakey
creased under eyes 

NakedWithoutMyLippy says:

Damn! NikkieTutorials did a video on this last week and I’m converted
Wayne. I love this trick! My makeup life is so shit at the moment. Eyelid
dermatitis, any remedies to suggest?X

Ivy Yang says:

your skin actually looks better without makeup. >_<

Jodie Lee Beauty says:

I personally think that even though the heavy side looks better when you
smile the wrinkles look more pronounced and dry. Also I think its kinda
inconclusive unless its trailed through the day. Otherwise we’ll get a
large amount of young girls seeing this and doing the heavy technique with
low quality products and looking like a huge mess by the end of the day
hahaha. I’d love to see a trail maybe on a day that you can just stay home?

Allison Linner says:

Wayne, thank you for illustrating that the huge trend going on on YouTube
and therefore extending to “real life” is not too flattering at all. All
the popular youtubers are doing what you did on side 2, and sure, it may
look good for five minutes while they’re backed away from the camera
talking to us, but that crap gonna crease. And then you’ll look much older
regardless of your age. The cooking method you did with the powder and the
heavy contouring everyone feels the need to do (partially because of
youtube imho) originated with drag queens for STAGE MAKEUP. Not everyday,
wearable flattering up close makeup. Thanks again Wayne, and happy birthday

tooti .25 says:

This is weird, why it doesn’t look cacky when u put more powder. Should we
use this technique only under eye area or on our full face?

Priscila Garay says:

Side one looks better to me. I personally can’t stand when people use so
much concealer and drag it down to where a lot of their foundation is, it
ruins the purpose of the foundation. I also can’t stand very heavy face
makeup so when I see a lot of beauty gurus applying all this concealer and
powder, it makes me feel like I’M putting all that makeup on and it just
gives me this uncomfortable vibe. I can’t really see how it would look good
with flash and/or harsh lighting either. There’s a lot of beauty gurus on
YouTube that I watch that I personally think would look so much better if
they didn’t use concealer like it was a foundation. 

gossmakeupartist says:

thank you x

DramaticMac says:

Creasing concealer is my biggest issue… I loved this video, by just
taking a little more product and powder makes the world of difference 

Angela Archer says:

The wink slays me. I think side 1 looks better. It looks more like skin and
I don’t see where the creases are more pronounced than side 2.

Erin MacPherson says:

This was fascinating!!!! (Especially for me being a as light a hand as
possible advocate and also being 34.) Just one question Wayne – Can you
show us what the results are after a few hours? You see, I think the heavy
side DOES look better – initially, but how does it look after 4 hours? I
often find it much easier to touch up a light handed concealer and look
fresh again, but when I go heavy handed with lots of powder, it often can
make me look CONSIDERABLY older after a few hours… Could we get a longer
term example?

fieryredhead23 says:

I actually prefer side 1. I used to use A LOT of powder to set my makeup,
but recently stopped because I felt like it was emphasizing my fine lines
and wrinkles (turning 30 is a bitch, lol). I’m much happier using only a
small amount of powder to set my t-zone, where I tend to get the most oil,
while leaving the rest alone. Then I just use blotting sheets if I’m
looking a little shiny. My makeup will still collect in my lines throughout
the day, but I don’t feel it does so as badly when using little to no

jasmine hill says:

I really thought at the beginning of this video that side one with less on
was going to look better! Side two looked so much better! Will be giving
this technique a go 🙂 thanks Wayne xx

Laurie Peacock says:

It’s the lighting. Please do this test in natural lighting. I don’t think
the second one will look as good in different lighting scenarios. (I’m a
professional photographer.)

rishika bose says:

it depends on the occasion, side one would be good for everyday use but
side two would be good somewhere you’re likely to be photographed a lot, or
under unnatural lighting. 

EtherealLove says:

The results look good here, however, the “natural” side is blended with the
finger vs beauty blender, & powder is dusted on to set rather than pressed.
I believe that the pressing makes a difference.

The water based only can also dry skin out (if you have a drier/dehydrated
under-eye), so layering with a cream concealer prevents that to an extent.

Personally I use oils before eye makeup, therefore a water-based single
layer works better for me to absorb those oils, followed sometimes by the
thicker concealer to prevent drying, & setting with pressing powder.

I hate thick makeup & caking & this is just the technique I’ve found to
work best for me.

shody321 says:

i think side 2’s lines do look softened. I wonder what the sides look like
after hours of wear, oily skin, etc. If i put more concealer on, even
working it in, it looks cakey (using Nars BTW- and this would happen with
any concealer, Nars is a brilliant concealer). If i use too much powder my
oily skin looks dry and just not as nice as if i use thin layers of
products. Is real life different to on video, artificial lighting i
wonder. Love the video, very interesting

BlizzardxThexWolf says:

Hmm…I think side 1 looks the best and side 2 actually looks cakey to me
but as you say, it’s all just opinion. My personal experience is that if I
put too much concealer, my under eyes looks very cakey so I find that with
me, less is more but people are different and there’s always more then one
way to do something so if more works for you then that’s what works. Love
your channel and keep up the excellent work.

Melissa Raftery says:

Possibly Laura Mercier concealer has more anti-creasing properties then the
Nars creamy. Or the fact that you did the first eye and didn’t set it right
away. While you were doing the second eye you were squeezing the first eye
shut causing creases. And you didn’t use the beauty blender to smooth out
the creases of the first eye before setting it with powder. 

Waldorfdarling says:

It depends on your age and what your undereye skin needs are. I don’t think
anyone under 30 should wear that much concealer and powder, not on a daily
basis at least. I guess my approach with makeup has always been “less is
more”, and I’d rather a not so perfect yet natural result than a flawless,
mask-like look.

FluffyMonsterPony says:

At first i thought you gonna make fun of all those girls on youtube that do
that extreme undereye highlighting with heavy concealers and powders and
its gonna crease and crackle like hell when you zoom in and smile but what
the accual f*. It looks amazing!
But i would like to see both sides in comparison after 8 hours like a
normal working day and which side is better to touch up if you have to.
Could you do that please +gossmakeupartist ?

Clover Hines says:

Wow…your truly right. The caked on one actually looked less creased. So
powder has a base unit that allows the skin to smooth out which is why it
didn’t crease as much…if at all. Great tutorial. But it could also be the
cincealer you used. Who knows. I guess we cake it on as “natural as

Natalie Boulos says:

I feel like somewhere in the middle of the two would be best. Side one,
theres not enough coverage, side two seems overkill. Thats just my opinion.
Either way though it’s all about personal preference! xoxo

Bella Burton says:

I much much prefer the natural side Wayne. I think the other looks so fake
in comparison. I for one would rather show a few laughter lines, than
looked so caked and I feel sure, you would too lol. xxx

Sharon Lauger says:

I agree with other comments, would love to see this after a few hours to
see how each side wears. 

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