The Purest Example of Love

Harry is diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome. His twin brother, Oliver, has learned from Harry that love is something to be expressed through action.

Oliver plans to protect Harry throughout life, but still sees his brother as the one who is the “Guardian Angel.”

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Special Books by Special Kids says:

I met Harry and Oliver in Staffordshire a few hours north of London. They are both 12 years old. You can follow their YouTube channel in the description above. Also, this 24 minute video is a thank you to everyone who continues to support this channel. Your love makes me want to create more.

Ryan's ASMR: Unintelligible/Inaudible Whispers says:

Those boys are so sweet

Damn I look like the Mona Lisa says:

I want a brother like that but mine hits me 🙁


Damm no eye socket that’s sad

Covers By Lexy says:

Harry is adorable

zaino97 müller says:

God bless you Respect Beautys ❤🙏

Emma Flier says:

He is not ugly❤

Cindy L says:

Can you imagine how boring it would be if we all looked the same? Or perceived the world the same? Only one outlook? I love the fact that we are all different. Self centered people think they have a right to say nasty things because others don`t look or act like them…who wants that? I think you are a wonderful and handsome couple of boys and your mom is wonderful and beautiful. God bless you

Killysunt says:

One of my favourite ones so far. Harry being in his life has definitely helped Oliver mature young.

Ella says:

These videos really make me smile😊❤️ just a point, at 11:15 Oliver says ‘Garage’ not gallery – as in the room some houses have in the UK to park their car in, we pronounce in Ga-Ridge (think it’s different in the US) 😋

pokeguy85 rivera says:

She said in the vid that they twins

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