Tom Misch – Movie (Audio)

Here is my new single ‘Movie” taken from my forthcoming album ‘Geography’ which will be released on April 6th 2018.

Love to my sister Polly for the vocals at the start of the song and to my mum Carol for the artwork!

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Luiz Sanches says:

There's a John Mayer vibe in it. I really loved it.

Luigi Della Chiara says:

Spettacolo , un brano degno di Benson , un grande futuro per questo artista , complimenti .

Laura Akumu says:

This song is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you ❤❤❤❤ on repeat here in Kenya

Sem Graham says:

nice song keep it up

Undergroundkid says:


Grace BM says:

Can't get enough of his tune 😌 so chill

Mario Adrian F. OSORIO says:


David O says:

I discovered this guy by an accident, it's been one of the best accidents I've had/made in a lonnnng time

khairatul hamdah says:


Esther Yong says:

Blessing to my eaaaaars

Louie Balbuena says:

One of those songs that throws you back into another time and keeps you longing for that feeling again.

Salsabila Diarnie Larasati says:


FAHD says:

Why dislikes whyyyy ?

Mr hooman Gaming channel says:

Dayum I thought the vocal part you took from some movie doe

Jina M says:

진짜 존나 좋다 너무 좋다 그냥 좋다

imane minou says:

So relaxing!

NTSon says:

10 times a day. No shame

Elizabeth Fereli says:

Tom, te necesito para sentirme bien conmigo misma

S Vaschaj says:

man you're amazing. You just never disappoint.

Douglas de Jesus says:

Is the intro a sample from an actual movie? Or something you just came up with?

Argo Lember says:

When music is beautiful and good to you 🙂

Agile says:

I pre-order Singed Gold LP. I'm looking forward to going his Amsterdam concert 🙌🙌🙌

misspalomadu13 says:

Good very good…
Kiss from France.
Anna ;)))

Keven Mahesan says:

I'm listening to this while I'm high and all I can say is that this deserves billions of views

Nomathamsanqa Mfundisi says:

My word I cannot wait for the Album to come out ! Tom Misch you are truly doing the most. wow

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