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I am Music the Presenter and Producer of The Sleeve, Fashion Editor for Culture Compass, Celebrity Interviewer for Stylebible , member of the Cheer Up Clothing team and festival reporter for Relentless Energy Drink.
2012 Official interviewer for Reading and Leeds Festival.


Meli Quinn says:

Wow I am so sorry you feel this way ,I love evething about your channel I
don’t know why people wouldnt.please don’t take off your channel it’s
amazing :)

Sophie Eggleton says:
Victoria Mendoza says:

I really do like your channel. I like it just the way it is because it’s
what you like to do. I find you really inspiring and it helps me do many
things that I would normaly struggle with on a daily basis.

PepperGiraffe on Wattpad says:

In case you needed reminding♥ You’re a creator here on YouTube. So I say
create. Make the videos that you want to make-the videos that you enjoy
making because if (and I mean when) YouTube becomes your full-time job, you
want to be creating things that you are happy with and that make you happy.

So to answer your question, the content I want to see on your channel is
the content you love making. I promise, you will grow and learn and develop
and the subscribers will come. I know it can be discouraging when you see
the numbers drop but maybe you channel just wasn’t for them. That’s ok,
right? There are millions of people out there waiting to stumble upon a
Sophie Eggleton video. You’re a beautiful person (inside and out) and
extremely talented at what you do. Experiment, branch out, try new things
with the channel and see where it takes you xxx

Katherine Harold says:

I love your videos Sophie. I enjoy particularly your “honest” series as it
shows a different side to the chatty, happy, passionate interviewer – which
makes you feel real (in my eyes) and more accessible to me. I enjoy the
wide variety of videos to post and I enjoy seeing all your different
interests. I love your passion, it’s evident through your videos and I hope
you feel better in yourself soon.

Thank you for creating videos that keep me coming back to see what you’ve
been up to :-)

Laura Jaine says:

I have daily battles with confidence/self-esteem which I know is linked to
being autistic, having depression and anxiety, its a real struggle and I
very much relate to your video. I know that I feel worse when I’m tired
that voice that tears me down is stronger and I’m less able to fight it. It
sound like you need to do some self-care to get more balance. Its funny I
saw your last video and at the end when you showed your artwork I thought
‘look shes a better artist than I am’ and was wondering what I have to
offer when there are so many others who do the same. I’m so good at beating
myself up. I like your videos and this one was honest, real & brave xx

Hamal McNiel says:

your videos are great. i won’t say i know where you’re coming from but i
have Aspergers and have a lack of confidence a lot of the time. tbh at
college doing assignments i will regularly implode and feel like i’ll never
get anything done/amount to anything. you just have to wait it out and get
past it it’ll be aright in the end 🙂 i’ll say hi if i see you at Download
(i’ll probably be the weirdo on his own cos none of my friends are going)

oCherryBlossomGirlo says:

Sophie, you are awesome, and your videos are so helpful / a joy to watch
and i’m so sorry you feel this way ♡ i hope you feel better soon and i
hope you find confidence back, the number of followers means nothing as
long as the ones who stay truly enjoy you and your work ! I watch every
video from France and I feel like you get how I exactly feel … I am 24
and I have a useless masters degree in English, and I wanna work in
cultural management but the schools are so expensive in france for MBAs …
I wanna live and work in an english speaking country and right now, i am so
lost and i have NO IDEA how to get to where I wanna be … But all we have
to focus on is today, not yesterday or tomorrow, and fo whatever we can ca
TODAY to get closer to our goals and dreams ! Yoga is such a great idea, as
well as any creative things you can do to take your mind off things, it
helps so much with my anxiety … Anyway i do hope you feel better soon and
i’m sending you tons of love xx


ANOTHERDAY2290 says:

As another youtuber sometimes I also feel that I have created extremely
good content sometimes that could be on the same level as the people who
have become recognised and I don’t have anything to show for it. However
when I take away the popularity of other creators and just focus on
producing content that I want to create and that I would enjoy to watch
none of the other stuff matters, like spending hours filming and editing
because at the end of the day I can look back on it and be proud of it even
if I don’t get other people telling me they like it. I really like your
videos because there is such a wide variety of content. Also I really
understand the confidence thing, I’m dyslexic so when I’m at college I’m
always worried that I’m going to have to read something out loud and
someone will make fun of me. The way i focus on not having a to bad of a
day is I look at the little things that made me happy even if its something
like a nice outfit I put together. 🙂 I also struggle with going places and
being social but I’m working on that too. anyway bit of a ramble sorry, but
I hope you have an amazing week and feel better! :)

bitterbetterbegonia says:

Hello darling girl, good on you for posting this video. I imagine it would
have been a pretty nerve wracking thing to do so kudos to you for being
brave enough to be a real person on the internet. As a person who has been
struggling with depression and a personality disorder since being diagnosed
nearly 4 years ago, I feel like I can really relate to what you’re saying
here. I have days where I am just riddled with doubt about everything that
I am. Those days when self confidence is just absolutely non-existent and
you just sort of.. lose it! While I’m right in the thick of it, it makes me
second guess every bit of effort and energy I’ve ever put in to getting
better.. Like what’s the point of it all when it always comes back to
this?? But when I sit back and look at everything objectively, I can see
that these “wobbly days” are fewer and further between than they have ever
been. So as terrible as I feel in the moment, I can see that I have
actually come really far and achieved a lot. From listening to what you’ve
said, I can tell that you know that this is just a temporary state, and it
won’t last forever. And that’s half the battle in itself. Wobbly days don’t
last forever, and tomorrow will be another opportunity to sit back and look
at all of the sick things that you’ve done.. All the amazing interviews
you’ve done and opportunities you’ve created for yourself out of your own
hard work! It might be difficult to see now, but you’re absolutely killing
it girl! And the only types of videos that I’m interested in seeing on your
channel are the ones that you want to do! My favourite videos to watch are
by people who are really passionate about the content. So just make videos
on things that you love and the rest will come. Keep going, girl!!! Naomi

Chloe Jade says:

Sophie you’re my favorite youtuber, and I follow LOADS! I can never be
bothered to comment on any, except you and like 2 others. You’re literally
the sweetest girl, and a lot of people just want shitty vids with no
substance to be honest, like easy watching trashy stuff. You’re not that.
It’s always tough in the beginning and feels pointless but you just gotta
keep going and it will just get so much better, and you’ll always lose
subscribers but you’ll gain a bunch too. Love your vids girl, you always
got your gorgeous hair going on too! Always watch your interviews, and if I
love you then I know all my mates would all love you too. It’s just a case
of getting your name out there, and I just came accross you randomly-
others will too. You’re awesome and what you on about, you look cool and
all the other things you said you aren’t! I’m known to being ded bubbly and
confident, but I could never do what you do…interview all those people so
professionally but so funny and naturally like you do. There could be girls
looking like Gisele with no skills like you, they would never get the job!
You got the talent to interview, and that’s rare! Sorry for the long
comment, hope it cheers you up and I know where you’re coming
from…comparing ourselves to others. Just don’t…cos you compare yourself
to others, and others compare themselves to you wishing they had all the
lovely things you have. Give yourself a break, have some lovely chocolate
or watever, and put your feet up tonight..tomorrows a different day xx

Keep North Official says:

I really wish I could help with anything but all I can do is to say this:
screw the people who mock you, they have no f*cking idea of how amazing and
great person you are. Don’t leave YouTube, there are people who look up to
you here and who support you.

ih8ppunk says:

I initially only watched your interviews with enter shikari and Josh from
you me at six, but I’ve really grown to like and value your videos,
opinions and personality in general, and well over 4k people seem to feel
the same way. Please keep making them, you’re literally the only YouTube
personality that doesn’t drive me nuts! YouTube will honestly just become
another cesspool of annoying video game walkthroughs and people who
exaggerate themselves beyond humanly possible. Please just keep on being
you :)

LucidScents says:

as someone who’s only just recently discovered your channel, i must say
that i really like the content you produce. i think subscription numbers
(even for the heavy hitters on youtube), always fluctuate a little over
time so you’ll lose but also gain people. but the internet’s a big place
and i know there’s a lot of a people out there who’ll discover just how
amazing you really are. keep on making the videos about things that make
you happy, cos i’m betting those are the same things that make other people
happy too.

but to answer your question, personally, as a guy, and as someone who’s
relatively new to your channel, what i’d love to see is maybe one or two
video’s about men’s style/fashion. also, maybe throw in a few fragrance
reviews too. but other than that, just keep on doing what it is that you do

stay strong, look after yourself, and i’m sure next week will be better :-)

shutupsteph says:

I hate that you feel like this. you deserve nothing but happiness! You have
inspired me so much in the short time I’ve been a subscriber and it’s
because of you that I ignored my anxiety and crippling self consciousness
and contacted two bands and interviewed them and absolutely loved it, so
for that I want to thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re so
determined and have such an amazing work ethic. I hope next week goes
better for you. Steph x

Ahamd Banjar says:

On a lighter note,I love your shirt.

Amy Boag says:

I’m sorry your going through this, honestly your one of my favourite
youtubers I love when you post videos of you just talking to the camera
please don’t delete your account

SapphireandIron says:


Miriam Vedvik says:

a while back i made a list of the people that had inspired me this year,
and you were on that list. and that is a very exlusive VIP list, haha 🙂
you are gorgoeus, BRAVE, strong and kind and you inspire me a lot. i found
you through you ME vlogs and one thing i really love about you is that you
are so honest and talk about the not so perfect sides of life aswell. and
that you can just tell us what is going on and even shed some tears on
youtube, i think that is beautiful. and i believe the world needs so much
more honesty! and comparison is though, i struggle a lot with that too.
this world tells us we have to be perfect all the time. i can only imagine
how hard that industry must be for you,on top of everything else. i really
hope you take care of yourself and try to be kind to yourself, even though
its hard. yoga, and meditation too, helps me a lot. wish you all the best!
and as for what i would like to see from you, i love these kind of videos,
just talking about how you are doing, things you’re learing, honesty!! and
what you are passionate about, it’s always beautiful to see something that
was made with passion :)

Daniel Young says:

I really hope you don’t quit YouTube. I completely understand your
frustration and your sadness, just don’t let it overrule all you have to
offer. Easier said than done, of course. I know you’ve helped a lot of
people with your efforts (me included: I’ve had an awful week and this
video showed me I’m not alone) and will continue to do so if you carry on.
My point is, you’re appreciated, even if it doesn’t seem like it or help
you get to where you want to be. You’re insanely talented (I plan to
purchase one of your prints from Etsy when my money next comes through),
inspirational, and I think the people who have you in their lives are
incredibly lucky. You show those of us who also suffer with confidence
issues and health limitations that we can be something, too. Aaand to avoid
sounding any creepier, I’ll end this comment after a final note: the videos
I’m drawn to most are the Honest ones about your experiences with health /
confidence issues, Q&As, and general videos, though I am discovering more
music thanks to so many of your interviews, so anything bar make-up videos
are what I’d like to see, haha. I hope you have a better week next week!
Hang in there. P.S. You look absolutely nothing like Claire Danes when you
cry – you’re one of the least ugly criers I’ve ever seen lol x

Phillip Pearson says:

I’m sorry about what you’re going through but in all honesty I love your
channel! I think the first video I watched was your interview with Enter
Shikari (Mindsweep) I watch most of your videos, be it interviews, vlogs
and other random videos you do 🙂

But I don’t think it is as bad as you think to be honest, I had a quick
look though your channel and the interview with Hannah Snowdon has nearly
100,000 views, which is insane. 😀

I think sometimes people get lost in the numbers (Including myself) and
dont really think about the fact that 100,000 people have seen something
they have made. I wish you all the best with the whole YT thing! :)

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