Too much time on social networking services could lead to depression, experts sa

Most people are probably signed up for at least one social networking service whether that′s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
But experts say spending too much time in a cyber community could lead to serious problems.
Kim Min-ji reports. Social networking services have become popular tools for sharing the events of daily life with others,… and it′s no different in Korea.
According to a recent survey of 60-thousand Android users,… 40-percent of the time they spent on their mobile applications was spent on social networking services such as Facebook.
People use these services to share photos and their thoughts on the places they′ve visited, the delicacies they′ve devoured… and the interesting things they′ve read.
But experts say it′s not all good.
In Korea, it has given rise to the expression “caffeine depression.”
If that brings coffee to mind, think again.
The expression is a mash-up of the names for KakaoTalk, a popular messaging service, Facebook and Instagram.
Although it′s not surprising for a person to feel a bit down after looking at a friend′s photos because their lives aren′t as extravagant,… experts warn this feeling could be masking more serious problems.

“The greater the feeling of misfortune one feels, the greater the chance it could lead to ′cyber stress.′ It could also lead to crime. A person could also become depressed.”
Although participating in a virtual community may be a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family,… be careful of overuse.
Experts say it could have a negative and even potentially destructive impact on your psyche.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.



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