TOP 14 Best Beauty Products of 2014 REVIEW!

Top 14 Best Beauty Products of 2014 Review! These are my favorite makeup, skincare, and hair products of the year. I’ve done a ton of products reviews this year but this is the stuff I think you guys will love most. I hope you liked my videos in 2014 because I’ll be back in 2015 with even more!

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Best beauty products of 2014:
NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil – Peekaboo Neutral
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick – Warm Me Up
NYX Top Selling Eyebrow Cake Powder
Sedona Lace EB21 eye brush
NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light
COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation
L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder
The Wet Brush
CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM
Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Palette
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Peach Smoothie
St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
Maybelline “The Rocket” Volum’ Express Mascara

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leighannsays says:

What are your top beauty products for 2014???

taboomocha says:

Being told not to brush wet hair is really only applicable to straight/wavy
hair. There’s NO WAY I could ever comb/brush my curly hair while it’s

Carole Evans says:

Forgot to add my magical experience of the year….my 13 year old daughter
who has asperger’s is predicted to get grade A’s in her GCSE exams (over
the next 2 years)x

Elle Is For Living says:

Loved this. So interesting you spray that NYX spray on before your
foundation. I can’t wait for the other 2 videos….especially the fashion
and style one. I hope that 2015 is fabulous for you. ♥ Elle

Maite Soto says:

When did you upload the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable review? It’s the first
video I saw from you, and I’ve been a follower ever since. I’ve already
commented my magical moment before, but it’s that time I stood up for
myself and kept a girl I considered my friend from using me. Guess I’m
courageous after all! Happy New Year’s Eve, Leigh Ann! I love you!

cuddly thumper says:

Oh My Nail polish!! sorry if you mention it in your video but I saw it and
it looks identical to what I just had done at the salon, its OPI
Sanderella, please tell me yours isn’t and what it is?!?! I was gutted to
see it was from years ago and I can’t find it anywhere

Emily Olson says:

I’ve been here since the beginning! 🙂 SINCE YEAR ONE! 🙂 Now I have a
channel & I think it’s SO fun too! Can’t believe it’s been 4 years for you!

amanda sarnowski says:

top 14 and the video is 14 mins (roughly) 🙂 

Alana Riddle says:

Hahaha “cuz everyone has lips”

LDiamondHeart says:

Your videos made my year!!! Happy New Year’s Eve from MD :D

Grace Ann says:

Glad I got to watch you for all of 2014!!! Here’s to an even better
2015!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

Audrey Darling says:

Thinking deep thoughts: I appreciate these reviews from you so much and I’m
sitting here trying to pin down exactly what is so wonderful about your
reviews (besides your lovely face and personality<3). I think one of the
reasons is because you have a pretty grand wealth of makeup knowledge as
someone who has used it longer than I have (as I'm only 18) and so you
provide a super solid and practical view on makeup products. And I
appreciate it greatly. Also, you provide depth. Instead of only sitting in
front of the camera listing off random things that you like or dislike, you
have reasons and advice and a brain which is fab. All I'm saying is I
appreciate you, Leigh Ann. Thanks for making this year so great for myself
and all your other viewers<3 I know I speak for all of us when I say we
love you! Happy New Year!

nedra pickens says:

My magical moment was finding you! I know that says cheesy but it’s so
true. I love your watching ur videos. Hope u have a great 2015!! 

Hoda Zarni says:

Happy new year! Love your kimono! Congratulations on four years of
youtubing! :)

Shelby Chanel says:

and it’s 14 minutes long, woohoo

Andy Mae says:

I am so happy to have found your channel this year!!

bchbounds says:

leighann, i’m so excited bc i remember hearing you talk about “peekaboo
neautral” the before (and now again) and you’re now mentioning wearing it
with “warm me up”. i had been wanting to go p/u the nyx liner, but then
thought i’d better check my stash bc i had a feeling i remembered something
with “peekaboo” in as luck would have it, i do already have it
after all! now i’m happy i have that combo to wear…yea..

Carole Evans says:

Happy New Year !!!!!….from across the pond (UK) xxx

coldblindjack says:

Thanks for being my favorite beauty vlogger Leigh Ann! You always keep it
real and I can tell you’re being straight with us, and you really
appreciate your viewers and see us as real people. You’re such an honest,
funny girl and I love hearing your take on things! Can’t wait to see all
your videos in 2015!

My top beauty product was probably revlon colorstay foundation…a little
late on that train but I love it!

Beth Victorsson says:

Leighann, I am really enjoying your weekend vlogs. Also, thanks for being
yourself and not trying to act like a little phoney marshmallow for the
camera. You are really funny in your “real” genuinely relatable way. Love
that about you! I especially love how your personality slides more towards
Amy from Bobs Burgers when your in the car in your pajamas and glasses…So
cute! Hehehe

Tina Marie Style says:

So many great favorites! I just found you earlier this year and instantly
adored you and your great personality. I couldn’t agree more about the St.
Tropez sunless tanner. I use both the mousse and the spray in dark. I
definitely need to show my Revealed 2 palette more love. Happy New Year!

Kiyo Shi says:

I just subscribed to you channel about 5 or 6 months ago but I am true fan
since the day I did. I love your beauty revieuws and make up tutorials! And
also your new vlog vids are great, keep doing what you’re doing and have an
awesome 2015!!! 

krystle dawn says:

i def want to try the nyx setting sprays; another i have on my radar is the
new loreal infallible one-i’ve been hearing good reviews on it recently.
Hope you have a magical new years eve! :)

Nichole Dinda says:

I’ve become obsessed with Flower Beauty products in 2014! The Zoom 3-1
Mascara has replaced my Maybelline Falsies, which I didn’t think was
possible. I love the BB Cream, the About Face Foundation and every lip
product I have tried. I am so pleased with how well the makeup performs, I
can see a lot more white/rose gold packaging on my shelf in the future!

hope2nou95 says:

Thumbs up to a beautiful lady

julie Hutchison says:

I just love your videos leighann. I’m 23 and from oklahoma and have 2 kids.
A 2 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. Yes I’m 23 and she’s 7. I got a
little off track for a while but since finding you I’ve had a different
outlook on life. I’m married to an awesome man and have a fabulous life.
Thank you for being there!♡

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