Travel Diary: Georgia | 2016 Spring break trip

So here is my Georgia travel diary and I’m so exciting to share this because I had a really good time travel around dis country and not many peoples make travel vlog/diary about this country. This year spring break trip I went to Armenia and Georgia and it was a blast. I had do a little color correction to this video to make it more fun and interesting and it turn out good in my opinion. When you say Georgia most people will think of Atlanta, Georgia, USA but the Georgia that I went is actually a country that is an intersection of Europe and Asia. Every year I will go on a spring break trip abroad cuz my school will close and it’s a long weekend. This year at first I thought I gonna go to America but because of my brother college schedule so we have to go to somewhere a little closer (btw I live in Thailand ) and then I just went to these two countries and I had so much fun it’s a good time and memory. Lastly I’m so sorry for the shaky and not so well-edited video, I try to use the YouTube stabilizer but it turn out not so good(some part of my video like the walking part look very weird and the social media bar is super shaky) really sorry about that.

Armenia Travel Diary:

*I will go to Taiwan in a couples days so stay tuned for more Taiwan travel diary/vlog.

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Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Green screen credit: SidAmano & Gabrielle Marie


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