Vlog | Disney World Fail

*If you’re here early, no worries HD is coming! xo
Hiiii babes. Just a tip – never ever go to an amusement park during Winter Break lol soooooooo many humans (but still fun)! Did anyone even know they can close the Magic Kingdom??? Been a million times and I never even knew, whomp whomp. Thank goodness Universal Studios is supper close. I hope you enjoy & have an amazing New Year’s Eve tonight!!! Party preppin right now! Oh and if you’re wondering who the other two are lol my cousins Charlo & Tiena! 🙂
143 x amilli.

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Carli Bybel says:

so cute!!!! Can’t wait for the Florida trip!! We must go to

Cydnee Black says:

I love that the sun is shinning and you have on no jacket, mean while in CO
I have on a coat, gloves, scarf, sweater and hat, and standing outside for
more than 15 minutes means turning into a popsicle 🙁 

Samantha Lopez says:

Girl, I live in central Florida annual passes to IOA/Universal and have
never seen or been there where it’s so packed like that.. Wth. You need to
go back for Harry potter- it’s amazing! 

✽ shannon ~ jrzgirlz ✽ says:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Best Ride Ever !!!!!!!

Sara Kelly May says:

I live in Australia and have never travelled to America, but if I was to go
to disney world can you buy tickets prior so you don’t miss out?

Allison Adler says:

i live in orlando so when you were walking pass places i was like ” IVE

Monica Thompson says:

Did anyone recognize you at the park? Lol, too funny. I use to live in
Tampa now I’m in West palm beach and I still love to go to Orlando!!!

Ashley Hernandez says:

I would not have been able to stand the crowds!! But looks like yall made
the best of it babes!!

Lacey Johnson says:

I love ya’ll shirts! I wanna purchase some for me, my two kids, & my honey!
Love it! Seems like you guys had an amazing time! +Nicole Guerriero I’ve
never been to Disney World & would love to go even if its just one park. I
hope I get to go one day.

Cherry Yeah says:

Is that her sister?

shanran07 says:

I have been to Disney probably 7 times in my life of 25 years and I have
never ever encountered closure due to capacity…that sucks so bad! But
glad you made the best out of it <3

Julietta Torres (Makeup Tutorials) says:

Yay a love watching your vlogs Nicole :D

Alice B says:

Yay this was so much fun to watch! Your friends are gorgeous! Please do
more random vlogs like this :)

Fab4lezz says:

Cute video! Looks like u had a ton of fun

Michelle Alegria says:

Here on vacation from Philadelphia and Magic Kingdom was beyond packed!!
Definitely won’t plan next year during the Winter recess either. Think my
bf would be happy if I didn’t meet you, bc you’re the reason I started
getting into makeup. Love ya girl

Kimmi Bres says:

I love your vlogs! ♥♡ So fun! Thanks for sharing.

MsMal27 ♡ Makeup By Mallory says:

I love it when you vlog! :)

Cia Figueroa says:

I loved this vlog ! Reminded me of a really cool music video lol

Brenda Aguirre says:

How tall is she ? She’s beautiful

Lillian Svoboda says:

Where those her nieces ?

SimplySusie says:

“Don’t turn it sideways gurrrl.” Hahahah fav. 

AnoushkaBeauty says:

Omg I love roller coasters !!!! Has anyone been to thorpe park in the UK???
It’s amazing 🙂
Can anyone here please watch my videos on my new beauty channel?? Just
posted a new video up on new years eve make up:) thaaanks

DivaDivaFashionista says:

Fun wish it was longer

Tamara GreyPink says:

When I lived in Florida I use to go to Disney every year, we knew people
that worked there so we got in for free and then I got a job working at
Animal Kingdom. I didnt get to go to Universal of IOA that much but now I
dont live in Florida anymore 🙁 and I miss the parks so much. I would
gladly take an over crowded day in a second just to be able to go back.
Very home sick.

Heather says:

I live in California and we go to Disneyland on a weekly basis. But durning
the christmas and new year holiday we avoid it. Everyone is out of school
and work and the park gets full before noon. 

Jessi Oliver says:

Girl you have to go to Disney in February its kind of the off season.

kylez bro says:

That looks like so much fun! 🙁 I wanna go

Karen D says:

We were at Epcot that day was crazy busy!

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