Fidget Spinner DIY – What’s inside a Fidget Spinner?

It’s a tower of fidget spinners. That’s cool looking actually. You just put ’em on top of each other? – Mm-hmm. – [Dan] Oh. – [Lincoln] There we go. – [Dan] Okay, yep, there you go. – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we have a bunch of fidget spinners. I love these things. – These are all the rage right now, and you guys have been asking for about four weeks now, “Cut open a fidget spinner.” – They’re awesome. – I know they’re awesome, but I’m like, you kind of know what’s inside of them already.

So finally, I’m getting in, and Lincoln just really wanted to have a bunch. And we decided we wanted to give away a bunch of ’em to you guys, so that’s gonna be cool, so stay tuned to the end of this video and we’ll talk about that. But for now, the challenge is, Lincoln, can you get all of these spinning at the same time? – Yes. Wait. – Let’s see. One, two. Three, four, five. That one is slower. Spin it faster. Look at that. How many is it? One, two. 12 fidget spinners at the same time. – They’re beautiful. Ready? – Okay. So we got a bunch of different kinds.

We got some of the plastic ones. We got some ceramic ones. We got some metal ones. And we wanted to give you our thoughts on what we think is a good fidget spinner and which ones you should buy. My favorite personally is this blue plastic one. – I think he likes that one because you just spin it and there’s no weight to it. – But it goes forever. – It does. And then try this one. Do you see how there’s weight to it? – What makes a good fidget spinner? – One that isn’t like this one. This one is not very good because if you can unscrew it– – It’s metal, though. It looks cool. – It looks cool, but it’s not that good. Two sided, you wanna get three sided ones. Those are the best, because once you spin it– – I didn’t know that.

– Once you spin it, if you vibrate these ones, like move it back and forth, it feels really wobbly and it doesn’t feel that good. It feels the same for all of the two sided ones. And then for this one, it feels really good. It just, it feels really good. – Okay, so Lincoln likes the three sided versus the two sided. – That do not unscrew, ’cause if they’re metal, they unscrew. – It just comes off. – It just comes off, and then you can’t put it back on, and it won’t spin as well because it’s just gonna vibrate through both of them, so it’s gonna slow it down so it’s not gonna be as good. – See, I thought the metal ones were gonna be the way to go. But even like this one, this one has three sides, but because the bearing is not good, look how quick. It just dies. – And then watch this one. That wasn’t even a good spin. It wasn’t. – It looks like a terrible spin.

– I know it was. – The cool thing about this one, the only reason why it goes longer is ’cause it’s the Shonduras brand. So we have a bunch of these guys. The thing that I think makes a good fidget spinner is just the bearing inside and if it’s smooth, it has a good weight to it, and it’ll just spin for a long time. It’s really hard to describe on camera, but when you take a fidget spinner and you turn it, you can feel the weight, the gravitational pull of it. It’s really odd. – It’s cool, though. – So what’s inside of a fidget spinner? Let’s go ahead and show you. (Dan laughs) Wow. Schooled! – I know. – [Dan] Spinning it. – Ready? – [Dan] Whoa! You switched your fingers! Okay, I gotta see that again. I was not prepared for that. – No! It’s hard! That’s my first time in like forever. (Dan laughs) It’s actually so hard. – [Lincoln And Dan] Whoa! – Ready ready? – [Dan] Oh! That was not as cool, but I’m still yelling! I don’t know why! All right.

We’ve popped that off of there. I don’t think we really needed a hatchet. – I can feel the sides of it. – Hitting you? – Yeah. – That’s why it doesn’t go as long. So you do need this little plastic part just to keep it from touching. So there’s your bearing inside of it. You can see it spinning. And that’s pretty much what makes up this fidget spinner. Whoa! Oh, yeah! – [Lincoln] Now you can just push it out like that. – [Dan] You would think. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Dan] Still needs a … Whoa, it’s rolling away. Look at that. We got the little bearing out. This bearing, they took it and just jammed it down into this, so they make the mold of this plastic. There’s really no glue or anything holding it into place. They just take this bearing, and probably just set it down and get something hard like the end of a hatchet, and just go.

And there you go. – [Lincoln] Whoa. We could actually use that. – [Dan] Look at that! – [Lincoln] Just a bit of marks right there, but it works. – If you wanna get a metal one, I’m gonna be honest, we bought a bunch of these on Ebay and Amazon. We never found a metal one that was better than any of these plastic ones that have the ceramic bearings. – These ones are the best. – I don’t know how much longer this trend is going to last of fidget spinners being super popular, but if you want some, we have 10 of ’em we’ll give away.

Is this the first time that What’s Inside has ever put something back together? – That we’ve cut open? – Yeah. – Yeah, I think so. (switch clicking) Ah. Hey guys. Guess this video is not over. It’s three a.m., and everybody is asleep. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. The problem is, I just keep thinking about, what are we doing making a video where we don’t even cut anything open and the thing works again? That’s not our style. That’s not what we do. (exhales) So … I think we we need to fix that. (power saw whirring) ♫ You’ve been a good friend ♫ Been there through the thick and thin ♫ And I know it’s never gonna end ♫ ‘Cause you’ve been a good friend Okay.

I feel so much better now. I had to go in the garage to use the angle grinder and to hopefully be quiet, but it worked. Ooh! This thing is officially cut in half. Let’s take it apart a little bit more. Oh, the whole bearing came out. Okay then. Let’s take off these plastic ends of it. Took off the plastic ends. You can see that the bearing is cut in half. Let’s see if we can get any of the balls out of there. If I turn it … Okay, there goes the outer plastic layer of the bearing. That is now off. Now we just have the actual metal bearing.

Oh yeah. Ooh, the balls flew everywhere. And there you go. That’s officially the inside of a fidget spinner, with the little rolling metal balls. (exhales) I’m gonna sleep better now tonight.


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