Xenophobic attacks leave 6 dead in South Africa

At least six people have been killed in the last two weeks in attacks in the Indian Ocean city of Durban targeting shops and homes owned by Somalis, Ethiopians, Malawians and other immigrants.


Capital FM Kenya says:
hanan Tesfaye says:

Please God help them

Roba Kuli says:

shame on u south africa. i afraid to say their are Africans.

gorrilla akma says:

SA government isn’t doing anything to protect this killings of these
innocent hardworking immigrants! This is shocking and a shame to SA

Prudencia Abbie says:

This is a very big shame. The world would have left them to perish in the
Apartheid regime. Nelson Mandela’s dream is slowly being killed. *smh*

Александр Катин says:
Getasew Adugnaw says:

Please Children’s of Ethiopia please come to Mother County. We love you!!!!
God keeps you in peace!!!

Tewodros Zewdu says:

These guys are like ISIS for killing people ignoring the dignity. shame on

Abdiqayum Mujahid says:

shame on you south africa

gerald muringanidza says:

weird hey… mzilikazi left in refuge to Zimbabwe in as much as the many
more who followed suit during SA liberation struggle but today South
Africans treat fellow Africans this way. What difference are they to the
appatheid white men then. Shame on this so called king

ThePanamanianMike says:

This is sad. I don’t understand why they are doing this to each other.
They are not each others enemies. This is unjust

Oromia Channel says:

South Africans they all animals and should be recognized as such.

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